The wonder of the universe is that it is always in motion and therefore everything changes over time. So everything could be something completely different tomorrow – no guarantees.

Karl Marx expressed this brilliant with the phrase “Everything solid melts into air.” The same happened with Bitcoin (BTC), which has undergone transformations over the years, and from a cypherpunk idea it has become a simple Che Guevara T-shirt.

Be your own bank

The following words, those Eric Hughes published in “A Cypherpunk’s Manifesto”, the developers’ great orientation in creating e-cash, or electronic money, that was universal, private and uncontrolled was:

“We, the Cypherpunks, are committed to building anonymous systems. We defend our privacy with cryptography, with anonymous e-mail forwarding systems, with digital signatures and with electronic money. “

It was this idea that gave rise to Bitcoin, a decentralized money centered on privacy where everyone would be their own bank.

“Chancellor on the verge of second bank bailout”: This phrase from The Times is even included forever in the genesis block of the Bitcoin blockchain. However, time has transformed Bitcoin and from a narrow circle of cryptographers, BTC has conquered the world and arrived at the International Monetary Fund, Bank for International Settlements, G-20 and G-8. Who knows – before the moon it could reach Mars.

So when Bitcoin changed, so did the ideas around it. The desire for privacy gave way to “to the moon,” and the fruit of a manifesto became just another product of what we wanted to “combat.”

Only the next highest point ever

Today, instead of using the phrases “include people without a bank account” and “be your own bank”, we celebrate that major traditional banks are promoting Bitcoin custody services. Rather than privacy, we rush to take selfies with documents looking for higher limits on trades, leverage, options and futures. We are happy that billionaire funds and large corporations and corporations are buying as much Bitcoin as possible, believing that they are now “Bitcoiners” too.

In politics, there is a sentence that says that if you have done something so good and so great to change the world that even your opponents are cheering you on, it means you have done everything wrong.

We applaud the big capitalists – the ones who have been rescued by the governments, the ones who caused the economic crises and those same banks that spit in our faces. Today we are happy to sit next to them and sell our Bitcoin to them, believing that they love us.

We celebrate countries setting ‘rules’ for Bitcoin, emphasizing that it brings ‘security’ to the crypto industry, and we are ‘proud’ to see the largest companies in the market teaming up with authorities to prevent hackers and malicious parties reveal ‘. agents.

Many major players are ashamed to say that Bitcoin is used by hackers, and they forget the history of BTC and its main purpose – to be anonymous money.

We accept giving up our privacy to sit down with those we constantly criticize, assuming they really love us, when in fact they are just looking for profit.

The revolution that never came

Stamping “Fiat is a shitcoin” on dollar bills is like an “independent” teenager who decides to live alone, but whose parents pay rent, buy food, and do laundry. The bottom line is the dollar value that Bitcoin will break – $ 30,000, $ 50,000, $ 100,000, or $ 300,000 – inventory and power … to the moon.

“Fiat is worthless”, but the more Bitcoin is worth in US dollars, the better. After all, the point is that 1 Bitcoin is always equal to 1 Bitcoin. It matters how much I bought and how much I hope to sell to buy more.

We even went so far as to find “stupid” people trading Bitcoin for pizza or acting like Sirius, selling 5,000 BTC to help set up the first Bitcoin exchange. Hold on, hold on, so it can keep getting more value – I just heard that.

Collect, collect, collect and accumulate more and more value in Bitcoin. After all, it is the ‘digital gold’ and ‘value reserve’ of a new era. But the new normal is nothing but the old normal with a new face.

Whales went from names like “Joe007” to Paul Tudor Jones, MassMutual, MicroStrategy and other “institutional” investors – the same ones who will be bailed out by the government if bankruptcy approaches.

I have nothing against this. After all, “Lamborghini” and “Bitcoin lifestyle” were already part of this market, and the world, like all things, is always in transformation.

I am happy to buy my Bitcoin, just as I buy a Che Guevara T-shirt and light a cigarette, believing that I am “fighting” the system while waiting for my mother to bring me dinner.

To the moon. Or better: “to Mars”, in Elon Musk style.

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