Stephen Colbert, the charismatic host of CBS ‘The Late Show, doesn’t hold back his punches or his jokes when it comes to Bitcoin.

In a segment called “ Quarantine Meanwhile, ” which features a collection of funny news stories viewers can watch while stuck, Colbert says referred a recent report from Vice detailing hackers took control over internet-connected chastity devices – devices worn by men to prevent them from engaging in any form of sexual activity – and demanded Bitcoin (BTC) to unlock them.

“Getting paid in Bitcoin? That’s the second stupid idea I’ve heard, ”Colbert said with a chuckle, implying the first would be:

“Apparently these people connected their dong cages to the net and then they were hacked […] Of course, this is going to happen – it’s one thing to give control of your deprivation box to a loved one, but it’s quite a leap of faith to say let’s put my shit in the cloud. “

Colbert was one of the few late night talk show presenters to have a mainstream segment on cryptocurrency back in April 2013 when Bitcoin price fluctuated between $ 50-300. At the time, the then-Colbert Report host seemingly agreed with Wall Street analyst Nick Colas’ assessment of the cryptocurrency, calling the “gold for nerds.”

“Bitcoin joins a rich tradition of invented currencies such as Camel Cash and the Euro,” said Jacket. “Bitcoin is only worth it because a number of people on the internet agree that it is worth something.”

“If you don’t know what Bitcoin is … do you want to buy Bitcoin? No? Are you sure?”

At the time of publication it was Bitcoin price is $ 39,350, up more than 40,000% since that segment aired eight years ago.