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This week I wanted to highlight Andre Cronje’s recent confession on Medium, which sparked quite a bit of discussion and quite a bit of salt from the Uniswap team members. This particular feud occurred because he complained about developers who forked someone else’s code and launched it themselves. For those unaware of the irony: this is basically some SushiSwap, a member of the Yearn ecosystem, initially did Uniswap.

More importantly, Cronje also complained about what he sees as a legitimate DeFi community and the concept of giving away tokens without the commitment of a founder.

Cronje’s argument can be summed up as follows: DeFi users are largely speculators who are paid to use the projects, and see price action as the ultimate sign of their success. No matter what kind of work the developer does, the community will always only care that the number is rising and will hold the developer personally responsible if he doesn’t.

Finally, Cronje warns against giving away tokens. The development costs for Yearn are apparently higher than the value of the few tokens he has grown. Launching a product that brought in hundreds of millions of dollars essentially made him poorer.