Today, Blockstream announced the addition of six members to Liquid, the federated Bitcoin side chain. These members include the Bitcoin wallet app Coinos, institutional provider of digital asset custody Komainu, developer of privacy infrastructure Nym Technologies, Liquid swap infrastructure provider SideSwap, Bitcoin-native financial services provider Vulpem Ventures and fintech focused broker-dealer Watchdog Capital.

“With these new additions, there are now a total of 59 members in the Liquid Federation, including cryptocurrency exchanges, trading desks, infrastructure providers, gaming companies and digital securities services,” said a press release shared with Bitcoin Magazine.

As a bitcoin side chain, Liquid offers a separate blockchain with tokens that are “tied” to bitcoin – 1 L-BTC (as Liquid’s tokens are known) can be exchanged for 1 BTC. With different protocol rules, sidechains can provide more flexibility and scalability than Bitcoin’s blockchain. Liquid operates on a “federated” model, with a federation of approved members overseeing the network.

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As per the release, each of the new member projects will offer or have already provided Liquid integrations that allow users to manage their assets:

  • “Coinos is a web wallet that provides powerful interoperability between Bitcoin, the Lightning Network and the Liquid Network.”
  • “Komainu plans to provide custody services for assets issued on the Liquid Network.”
  • “Nym mix node operators are currently receiving a confidential asset on Liquid, NYMPH, as their mix node’s reputation score. NYMPH is a worthless testnet token that keeps track of how long a node has mixed traffic for testing purposes. “
  • “SideSwap is a tool that helps users run Liquid peg-ins, peg-outs and exchange atomic assets on the Liquid side chain.”
  • “Vulpem is the developer of Marina, the world’s first wallet browser extension that enables a plug-and-play gateway to the Liquid Network, as well as the Liquid-based tools Liquid. Cab and Liquid.Coach. Vulpem continues to maintain Go elements and a merchant-focused command line interface for TDex, a non-custodial exchange for liquid assets. “
  • Watchdog Capital will provide securities services on Liquid using Blockstream’s Asset Management Platform (AMP). “

Peter Chawaga is a senior editor at Bitcoin Magazine. He HODLs BTC.

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