More people are now searching for the word “Ethereum” than ever before in its history.

Google trends reveals that the number of Google searches currently running for “Ethereum” has hit an all-time high, overshadowing search interest during the height of the latest ETH bull run.

Ethereum’s previous peak in search term popularity was on January 13, 2018 – the date of ETH’s all-time high of $ 1,432.88.

Historically considered a “folk metrics, ”A rising Google Analytics interest score for a crypto search term is associated with a positive sentiment for that particular coin / project.

While it makes sense that search interest on Ethereum peaks during the run-up to a new record, the same cannot be said for searches for “Bitcoin,” which remained only 65% ​​of peak popularity on December 23, 2017.

That said, many more people are looking for “Bitcoin” instead of “Ethereum” at a ratio of about 5: 1.

An increase in popularity for various crypto search terms is possible spawns a self-sustaining bull run while curious investors make purchases, pushing up the price and generating more interest, resulting in a higher number of searches.

Google Trends also provides relative interest data by region. Kosovo, North Macedonia, Slovenia, Nigeria and China are currently the countries with the most interest in “Ethereum” as a search term.

Here are some cryptocurrency-related keywords along with their current interest expressed as a percentage of peak interest, which was in December 2017 or January 2018 for most terms:

  • Ethereum: 100%
  • DeFi: 90%
  • Ethereum Classic: 87%
  • Crypto Trading: 84%
  • Bitcoin: 65%
  • DApp: 63%
  • Digital currency: 60%
  • Vitalik Buterin: 56%
  • Chain: 45%
  • XRP: 42%
  • Satoshi: 42%
  • Smart contract: 41%
  • Blockchain: 41%
  • Cryptocurrency: 29%
  • Litecoin: 14%
  • Bitcoin Cash: 9%

Most of the above terms have increased in search frequency in recent weeks.