Americans who received their second coronavirus boost on December 29 have already gained 12% – if they get it in Bitcoin (BTC).

As the United States government rolls out another round of “free” money to eligible residents, it looks at how many people choose to invest their $ 600 in cryptocurrencies.

Incentive recipients in April now have $ 5,600

The handouts started last week and are expected to be completed on January 15th. According to a special monitoring source, those who received the money on day one and who immediately exchanged their US dollars for BTC have already risen around $ 75.

Bitcoin, Ether Performance in 2021. Source: Digital Assets Data

Bitcoin and Ether (ETH), the largest altcoin by market capitalization, have virtually surpassed all competition in the first week of 2021 when it comes to return on investment.

As mainstream media floods with stories of how stimulus recipients plan to invest in stocks and consumer goods, with the aim of “boosting the economy.” bought Bitcoin with the previous cash gift in April 2020 are now at $ 5,600.

At the time, the stimulus check was worth $ 1,200 – twice the amount of the second round – meaning Bitcoin has returned 370% if you “hod” so far.

The numbers underscore the curious way the average taxpayer can take advantage of the bizarre financial environment that characterizes 2020 and 2021. By simply buying and holding Bitcoin, anyone can surpass even the most seasoned stock trader.

“Maybe we should send the stimulus money in Bitcoin. The $ 600 will turn into $ 2,000 in a week anyway, ”fund manager Austin Rief summarized in an ironic tweet over the weekend.