PRESS RELEASE. co-founder Mate Tokay is taking legal action against the founders of for failing to divide a significant portion of BRG. Tokay was hired as a consultant for the project and was promised BRG 37.5 million in compensation. However, Tokay was never paid for his services, even though used his name for recognition, raising $ 6 million in six hours.

  • BRG investors have been misled because the investors contractual obligations have not been paid and the circulating BRG stock is incorrect.
  • Mate Tokay is taking legal action against the token project and lead founder Mr. Sina Estavi.
  • Tokay has informed other market leaders in the crypto industry, price aggregation sites and relevant exchanges of the huge discrepancy that’s founders fail to disclose.

More than three months ago, the team raised millions of dollars through a public token sale, but failed to compensate one of the key advisers. co-founder Mate Tokay signed a contract with the of Bridge Oracle team members and should get 37.5 million BRG. In addition, BRG’s circulating supply is much smaller than what is reported on crypto market valuation web portals.

When the payment was due, and its main founder Sina Estavi declined to compensate’s founder for his advisory services. Instead, Estavi tried to make a settlement with Tokay by offering a much lower amount than what was owed. Despite the contract, Estavi said he would not settle for 37.5 million BRG with Tokay and reportedly treated his advisers in the same way.

With contractual obligations to Tokay and probably other advisers, the circulating offer registered on the web portal is incorrect. The discrepancy means that and its main founder Sina Estavi are manipulating the market by including tokens intended to be paid out to Tokay and numerous advisors.

“It’s unfair to BRG investors,” said co-founder Mate Tokay. “Coin market capitalization aggregators show a much wider range of BRG than there actually is. This is clearly market manipulation by prohibiting BRG investors from issuing their tokens, ”added Tokay.

The co-founder further emphasized: founders are required to enter these tokens into the contract and distribute the money among the rightful owners. BRG investors are being misled and’s actions could harm innocent individuals who participated in the public offering.

Tokay believes there is no choice but to take this case to the appropriate authorities and take legal action against the token project and its founder, Sina Estavi. He believes should rectify the situation as soon as possible before BRG investors fall victim to a classic pump and dump. In addition to legal action, Tokay has contacted relevant crypto industry services such as exchanges to notify them of the BRG market manipulation.

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