Emerging Ecosystem for Decentralized Financing (DeFi), YFDAI Finance, announces the launch of two new services – SafeSwap and Launch Pad, both important steps in driving mass growth and adoption of DeFi services.

DeFi will be the “next big thing”, leveraging cryptocurrencies and their underlying blockchain technology for new applications and an ever-expanding user base. One of DeFi’s main selling points is the promise of better alternatives to what is offered in the traditional banking industry, in many cases at a fraction of the cost. Additional benefits include ultra-low barriers to otherwise excluded financial services providers and better investment opportunities with attractive returns compared to conventional instruments. All of these aspects of DeFi will exist in a context of enhanced transparency, security and user control over their funds.

SafeSwap is YFDAI’s decentralized exchange (DEX) created by a split from the popular Uniswap platform. This DEX allows selected crypto projects to list their tokens, provided they meet strict quotation criteria designed to protect token investors and issuers alike. Thanks to a listing on SafeSwap, budding DeFi and crypto projects can drive widespread adoption and secure much-needed liquidity. To avoid problems currently arising from a more active regulatory environment, SafeSwap’s choices regarding many operational aspects will very soon be subject to community government.

Meanwhile, the YFDAI Launch Pad brings new crypto projects to the market and offers them guidance and development services from our partners Foundry Incubator, Ferrum Network, Blockchain Consilium, among others. YFDAI Launchpad provides the necessary support to develop projects and supports their crowd-based fundraising, in partnership with DuckDAO decentralized fundraisers. Participating startups in the Launchpad program have locked smart contracts created for Uniswap and SafeSwap exchanges.

What is YFDAI Finance?

YFDAI Finance is a DeFi ecosystem focused on four core values: accessibility, security, intuitive management and a reliable protocol. With YFDAI, users can access DeFi solutions and a whole host of DeFi services from anywhere, including farming, loans, loans and staking.


DeFi has been around for a few years now, but there have been many instances of projects falling short of their promises due to design flaws, bad decisions and questionable practices. These failures have led to much hesitation in the wide acceptance of DeFi. But despite its various setbacks, the industry is here to stay, with irresistible value and usability. And YFDAI will lead the way, making it safe and convenient for an ever-increasing number of users. Few projects like YFDAI have emerged to improve existing DeFi business models and work tirelessly to reduce, if not completely eliminate, the fear surrounding DeFi solutions.

In addition to DeFi solutions, YFDAI Finance has plans to offer a wide range of crypto products and services, including an ecommerce platform, debit cards, a centralized exchange, fiat-to-crypto in and off ramps and trading robots.

To promote trust in our platforms, YFDAI has adopted the highest levels of transparency and security. It has also partnered with several leading names in the crypto sector such as the Crypto Investor’s Protection Alliance (CIPA), DuckDAO, Ferrum Network and the Foundry to ensure its vision of DeFi’s future becomes a reality.

Read more about YFDAI Finance at – https://yfdai.finance/

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