While bitcoin has jumped well above the $ 26,000 zone, a number of crypto advocates are extremely optimistic about the crypto asset’s performance in 2021. Over the past year, a number of pundits, pundits, celebrities and speculators have predicted bitcoin’s value in 2021 after the digital currency has had a phenomenal year in 2020.

2021 Bitcoin Price Predictions

On December 26, 2020, the price of bitcoin (BTC) enriches well over the $ 26k handleas the cryptocurrency had a spectacular year in the midst of a crazy global economy. Since BTC started to gain popularity, a number of people have tried to predict the future price of the crypto assets in advance. In 2020, the predictions were no different and countless individuals have made their predictions about the future value of bitcoin and what its price could be in 2021. BTC Throughout the year, researchers at finder.com gathered 47 cryptocurrency experts on their predictions for 2021.

The finder.com poll was also completed earlier BTC traversed the $ 20k zone, and most (58%) of panelists said the bull run will last at least until the second half of 2021. survey, panelists predict the price of BTC will more than double by the end of 2021. The respondents to the finder.com survey also predicted an average price of $ 51,951 per bitcoin. Although 52% of the panel members bitcoin (BTC) see a sharp decline after the peak in 2021.

Mid-November billionaire investor and Galaxy Digital founder Mike Novogratz predicted bitcoin (BTC) could reach $ 65,000 by 2021. Novogratz predicted this price range when he gave the ‘Game of Thrones’ star Maisie Williams some advice. ‘I bought more BTC last night at 15,800, ”tweeted Novogratz. “It’s going to be 20km and the. Up to 65k. The network effect has taken over. I see a lot of new buyers and very little supply. It’s an easier trade here than at 11k. So YES, buy it,” he stressed at the time. against Williams.

Zero to $ 318,000: Proponents and detractors give a variety of Bitcoin price predictions for 2021

The analyst Mike McGlone Bloomberg also has some future bitcoin (BTC) prices and said that by 2022, BTC could tick $ 170k. “The most important thing about Bitcoin this year is very simple: it just added one to the front of the number,” said McGlone. Consider it was around $ 7,000 at the end of last year. What I’m concerned about – if you look at past performance, which may be indicative of the future, next year or two could add a zero after the number. “

End of 2021 BTC will trade at $ 318,000 according to the prediction from Citibank analyst Tom Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick said BTC will likely see “unimaginable rallies followed by painful corrections.” Additionally, the Citibank director said bitcoin was the new gold with fewer restrictions. “Gold has limitations such as storage, non-portable, and could even be called ‘yesterday’s news’ in terms of a financial hedge. Bitcoin is the new gold, ”insisted Fitzpatrick.

This summer, the co-founder of crypto analysis firm Blockfyre, Simon Dedic, predicted Which BTC will hit a maximum of $ 150k. “In 2017 you could have literally bought anything there [altcoin] and it was a good investment. IMO this won’t happen again, ”said Dedic. However, I still believe the bull run will return with the few solids pumping [altcoins] out there, ”he added. Dedic’s summer tweet predicts a number of price predictions, including ETH ($ 9K), LINK ($ 200), BNB ($ 500), FAT ($ 1) and XTZ ($ 200).

During a May 6, 2020 interview, the CEO of capital management giant Morgan Creek, Mark Yusko, predicted that bitcoin could easily reach $ 100,000 by 2021 or 2022. During the discussion, Yusko also insisted that bitcoin’s price could also reach $ 400 to $ 500K. Yusko said at the time, “If we come to gold equivalence, which means that the market cap of Bitcoin is equal to the market cap of gold, which I think makes perfect sense, you could easily see that price of $ 400,000 to $ 500,000. [at] some [point in time]. “

From zero to six digits

Not everyone is as enthusiastic about bitcoin’s future value as Seeking Alpha financial columnist Anton Wahlman is believes bitcoin is worthless and goes to zero. “Sometimes there is something so absurd that you hardly know where to start arguing,” emphasizes Wahlman’s recent editor. “Because it is so obvious and self-evident that it does not need to be explained. Bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies are one such case, ”Wahlman added.

Zero to $ 318,000: Proponents and detractors give a variety of Bitcoin price predictions for 2021

Financial contribution for The Times UK, Oliver Kamm, told his readers that “cryptocurrencies are a fad that should be avoided, despite Paypal accepting bitcoin.”

“Cryptocurrencies don’t belong in your wallet,” Kamm wrote at the time BTC traded for $ 12,931 per unit. ‘The reason is you can’t appreciate them. A property that doesn’t even pay a fictitious stream of cash flows – such as bonds, which pay interest, or stocks, which pay dividends, or property, which provides rental income – is just a gamble. Anyway, take part in it, like punting on a roulette wheel, for recreation, but be prepared to lose your entire bet, ”added Kamm.

The maker of the pricing model called stock-to-flow using the Twitter name “Plan B” thinks the price of bitcoin (BTC) $ 100,000 in December 2021. “The current price action for bitcoin is nice, but we are waiting for a real jump (like the red arrows in early 2013 and 2017). IMO that will be the beginning of the real bull market, and indeed stage5. January 2021? Plan B tweeted on Nov. 22.

Overall, there are many bullish predictions from proponents and, of course, opponents believe that the crypto asset is still worthless. A number of other experts, executives, and experts have predicted six-digit pricing, including RT host Max Keizer, venture capitalist Tim Draper, Pantera Capital’s crypto analyst Nicholas Merten, and Morgan Creek’s executive Anthony ‘Pomp’ Pompliano. And there will probably always be opponents, like the economist and hedge fund manager Mike Dow tweeted earlier this year that “Bitcoin is over. #REST IN PEACE.”

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