Mobile app change log 3.37.0

Recent updates and optimizations for the Bitfinex mobile app

We would like to introduce you Version 3.37.0 of the Bitfinex mobile app.

Includes the latest update of the Bitfinex mobile app aligning the tradable balance in the margin order form and summary panels.

Download the latest version of the Bitfinex mobile app below:

You can also do it Android application package (APK).


  • Updated links for public pages
  • Removal of User Survey Banner
  • The figure of the tradable balance in the margin order form and the summary panels of the page of each trading pair aligned

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the login screen would occasionally freeze
  • Addition of extra checks to avoid internal encryption problems
  • Paper trading pairs are removed from the Funding, Trading and Derivatives Ticker list

The above changes have been suggested to us by our active user group.

Feedback from our customers is incredibly valuable to us. Please share your user experience and help us continuously optimize the Bitfinex mobile app.

To share your feedback, fill it Bitfinex Mobile User App Survey or join the Bitfinex Telegram Channel.

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