How to Get the Most Out of Your Bitfinex Pulse Account

Bitfinex launched its built-in news aggregator and social platform, Bitfinex Pulse, last month. It was created to provide a valuable and safe environment for crypto traders to share and grow, which will ultimately encourage a stronger crypto community.

Keeping in mind the interests of the merchants, Bitfinex Pulse is equipped with various features and functionalities that will benefit them. We are also continuously developing the platform and introducing new possibilities for it Pulsers – this is what we call the Bitfinex Pulse users.

Here’s a guideline for getting the most out of your Pulse account:

In addition to a nickname (4-32 characters), you can upload an image and give a short description of yourself. Your Bitfinex Pulse profile is worth a thousand words as it makes it easier for people to find and follow you.

Do you know that the only way to show your pulses to others is to make them? public? To do this, you need a verified Bitfinex user. Check out our Verification FAQ to learn how to verify your account.

For media outlets and crypto content creators, we have a different procedure for creating and verifying Bitfinex Pulse accounts. Visit our Bitfinex Pulse contributor application form and a member of our marketing team will help you verify your account.

  • Pin your wrist to be featured

When you log into your Bitfinex account, you will see the Bitfinex Pulse banner just below the top menu. It shows a continuous flow of locked pulses of different Pulsers.

The keyword is “attachedSo if you want your heart rate to be displayed on the banner, you have to post a public pulse and pin it.

  • Use hashtags to increase your visibility

Hashtags will improve your visibility on Bitfinex Pulse by making it easier for people to find your pulses. By using hashtags, your content will go beyond your followers as they will be shown to anyone interested in and searching for the topics with hashtags.

From a business standpoint, it also gives your company a huge opportunity to get noticed in conversations, boost your presence, and help develop your leadership in the crypto industry.

  • Use cash tags for better pulses

Cash tags show a brief explanation of the respective currency. Info, such as current price and Description is available in one preview window when the cash tag is on hover. Using cash tags in your posts helps your followers better understand your content, while at the same time keeping them up to date with the latest price update as they peruse your pulses.

  • Style your pulses for better readability

Some insights cannot be kept short, but long texts cannot be inviting to read. Styling the texts would improve their readability. We have the bold and italics functions you can use to highlight some of your texts. We also provide bulleted list and numbered list functionalities for easier to read pulses.

  • Share images in an instant

Let your images tell your story and insights. With the drag, drop feature, sharing images on Bitfinex Pulse couldn’t be easier

  • Easily share charts of raw data

It is much easier to read and process data with charts. That’s why we make it easier for you to create and share one. Our chart sharing feature makes it easier for you to share information – based on real account data, such as the holdings of your stock market portfolio.

  • Follow and get first-hand insights

What’s better than getting real-time trading insights from your favorite crypto traders while you trade? Find and follow them on Bitfinex Pulse. There are also a variety of crypto content creators and media outlets that you can follow for reliable and diverse market insights.

Not all things can be shared publicly. As a verified Pulser you can exchange private messages with the other verified Pulsers. Click the “Message” button directly below their profile to send private messages to them.

What’s New on Bitfinex Pulse v3

Bitfinex fosters discussions among crypto enthusiasts within the community. That is why we have added new functionalities to Bitfinex Pulse. With the Bitfinex Pulse v3 upgrade, verified Pulsers can:

There is nothing better than having a conversation where you know exactly what to say. Jump into discussions by clicking on it “Answer” button under a pulse. When you click, you will see a popup window with a text field and a “Post” button. In addition, each comment has a unique URL because it is basically a pulse meaning you can share all your comments.

  • View the number of responses to pulses

Directly under the wrist you can see how many responses it has received. Clicking on them will show them all up to 10 comments.

  • Receive notifications about new comments

You will be notified when your heart rate receives comments, in a preview mode that shows the comment link and “Reply” button. In addition, you will receive notifications when you get new followers or your pulses get new likes.

We respect your privacy, so you can decline comments for any of your public pulses if you are not comfortable receiving them.

Bitfinex Pulse is mobile!

You don’t have to worry about missing out on insights from your favorite traders or the latest crypto market updates while on the go. On the Bitfinex mobile app you can:

The search function is useful when you are looking for specific pulses or users. Just type the topics of your interest or the nickname of the users in the search box. You can join the conversation by commenting on the pulses that match your searched topic or by interacting with other users by following them and viewing their public pulses.

The notification setting feature is useful if you don’t want to miss updates from users / accounts you follow. You will receive notifications on your cell phone when they post public pulses.

Easily share your insights about Bitfinex Pulse while on the go and away from your desktop. Make them public and start interacting with the community.

  • Set up and manage Bitfinex Pulse profile

New users can set up and manage their Bitfinex Pulse profile right from their phone – you don’t have to wait to log in from your desktop to join the Bitfinex Pulse community.

You don’t need to have your Bitfinex Pulse profile set up first to enjoy flows with valuable insights. To download Bitfinex mobile app, if you haven’t already, and experience a new social trading journey.

More possibilities with Bitfinex Pulse v4

We are constantly working on Bitfinex Pulse to bring you the ultimate social trading experience. Bitfinex Pulse v4 comes with the new group messages feature. This feature allows authenticated users to create and manage private group chats. Group members can be searched and selected from a list of user nicknames on the Messages tab. Selected users will then receive notifications about the group chat invitation and can join once accepted.

Group administrators have the ability to do the following:

  • Set the name or subject of their groups.
  • Add a photo for their groups.
  • Invite users to join their groups.
  • Remove users from their groups.

While group members are able to:

  • Receive a notification when a new member joins the group.
  • Leave the group.

Creating an account on Bitfinex Pulse is easy, if you haven’t already, here’s a quick one tutorial on how to get started. Otherwise, let’s get those pulses rolling and prepare to get the most out of your Bitfinex Pulse account.

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