Sean Ono Lennon – a British-American musician, songwriter and producer – has auctioned a tokenized digital artwork on non-fungible token marketplace Rarible.

According to Rarible data, Lennon sold a piece entitled “Etharian 1” on Monday for 5.5 Wrapped Ether (WETH), worth approximately $ 3,200 at time of publication.

The musician then congratulated the owner of the new piece on Twitter: ‚ÄúCongratulations @etyoung for winning the most important drawing ever drawn by anyone! May she treat you kindly during these winter months. “

Lennon first announced his NFT auction on Sunday, noting it was his first experience of NFT art, as well as his first digital drawing. The artist noted that the girl depicted in the artwork “lives exclusively on Ethereum.”

NFTs have emerged as one major trend in global art and crypto industries in recent years. In October, auction house Christie’s has sold a digital portrait of the Bitcoin code for more than $ 130,000, marking the first auction of an NFT at a major auction house. In November, Cointelegraph launched its own NFTsand offers readers the opportunity to purchase blockchain-centric digital collectibles inspired by famous works of art.