A number of TV shows have mentioned Bitcoin (BTC) or other cryptocurrencies over the years, including Big Bang Theory in 2017 and The Simpsons in 2020. One of the last crypto mentions took place at the 11th season premiere of Shameless, in an episode called ‘This is Chicago’.

“It’s my crypto,” Dash said, “My Bitcoin. It’s down 30 and I used it to use my Tether and my Ethereum.” Another character replied, “I have no idea what you just said.”

Dash continued:

“Oil futures drained my portfolio last spring. So if there is another two point drop on my cryptos I have to cover a margin call. “

Dash’s comments probably won’t make much sense to real-world participants in the blockchain space, given that the dialogue seemed little more than a low-fidelity combination of buzzwords and technobabble. For example, one could use Tether in a leveraged Bitcoin trade, but the other way around seems illogical. It is also unclear what exactly “being 30 lower” means for Bitcoin. If he’s simply referring to dollars, then he may want to be determined, because a $ 30 swing for Bitcoin is a miniscule price action.

Indeed, oil prices did suffering a difficult spring this year, so his oil commentary is at least enough in a row. Covering a margin call means that Dash has to deposit more collateral to maintain its current trading positions if prices fall past a certain point.

Monday the Twitter account of the asset wallet platform MyCrypto marked the quotes from the episode: “Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether got a mention in the season premiere of Shameless!”

While the dialogue made little sense, the episode’s crypto inclusion still marked the mainstream’s growing awareness of digital currencies. Bitcoin and others have seen significant adoption in 2020, including that from PayPal launch of digital assets on its platform.