100x – the holding group of Bitmex’s parent company – has announced the appointment of a permanent new CEO in the wake of charges filed in Octob against the exchange’s co-founders, including the former CEO of both 100x and Bitmex, Arthur Hayes .

On December 1, 100x announced that the former CEO of the German stock exchange Borse Stuttgart GmbH, Alexander Hoptner, will take over the position of CEO in January 2021. Hoptner will also join 100x’s board of directors and report directly to the group’s chairman, David Wong. The new CEO of 100x stated:

“I am proud to join 100x Group because I share the global ambition and boldness of its founders and employees to create an ecosystem of cryptocurrency technology that will improve lives. The future of this industry will increasingly belong to those who provide a regulated trading environment that is innovative, liquid and fair to both institutional and retail investors. “

Hoptner succeeds the current interim CEO of 100x, Vivien Khoo – who was promoted from COO on Oct. 8 as an emergency replacement for Hayes.

The Oct. 1 allegations of the US Department of Justice and Commodity Futures Trading Commission accuse BitMEX’s founders Arthur Hayes, Ben Delo, Samuel Reed and Gregory Dwyer of violating US money laundering laws and offering illegal derivatives products to US customers. The accused retired 100 times from their executive responsibilities on October 8

Samuel Reed was arrested on October 1 before being released the following week after receiving a $ 5 million bond. None of the remaining suspects have been arrested by US authorities. Hayes is expected to stay in Hong Kong. The territory suspended his extradition treaty with the United States in August.

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