BTC rose again as a safe haven during global tensions

  • Border conflict between India and China

After weeks of bickering and fights along their long-disputed border, hundreds of Indian and Chinese soldiers engaged in a deadly collision in a river valley that is part of the Ladakh region last week. Troops had gathered on both sides of the border in the north Indian region of Ladakh and southwestern China’s Aksai Chin region in recent months, sparking global concern about a possible escalation between the two.

  • North and South Korea Clash

Last Tuesday, North Korea destroyed the liaison office it operates with South Korea in the city of Kaesong, just north of the demilitarized zone separating the two countries.

North Korea also said it would send troops to now-closed joint cooperation sites on its territory, reinstall sentries and resume military exercises in frontline areas in violation of separate 2018 deals with South Korea. Jeong said South Korea will take “immediate, swift and corresponding” steps against any North Korean provocation.

The tensions that have heightened in Asia and the possible ‘second wave’ of coronavirus in the United States could make the global economic recovery even more difficult. Thus, Bitcoin, as a safe haven, attracts more investors to buy and hold.

Due to the uncertainty of the global economy, Bitcoin showed a strong upward move from USD 9,400 to USD 9,700 on Monday, up 3% over the past 2 days. While it fell sharply to USD 9,000 early in the day, the daily chart also shows that BTC will soon manage to break above USD 10,500 area. This could propel the cryptocurrency into a major new bullish trend.

Grab the BTC swings and make bigger profits

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