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Whether you’re a novice or have been trading for a long time, finding a group of like-minded traders can be a great way to advance your learning. Discord groups are a way to get tips and signals, as well as a good way to validate a trading idea. As they say, two heads are better than one.

Before we share some of the best discord trading groups, a quick note about “signals” trading. “Crypto signals” is essentially advice on when to buy and sell certain cryptocurrencies. The problem with following this advice blindly is that you run the risk of falling victim to a pump and dump, with the plan’s organizers usually being the only ones taking advantage of it. It is our opinion that no one should blindly follow trading signals, but instead conduct your own analysis and decide for yourself.

With that in mind, here are some of the best discord crypto groups you can use to learn more about trading and get new trading ideas. Community Directory

This is a community powered directory of all Discord groups related to cryptocurrency / blockchain. They keep track of how many users there are in each group, the description of the group and hot / cold groups.

Officially / r / Cryptocurrency Disagreement

This is the official discord server for the Cryptocurrency subreddit. It is a big disagreement with a lot of information and discussion about different coins.
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This large, 10,000+ discord group focuses on connecting coin analytics, traders, miners and developers discussing anything and everything cryptocurrency.
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Elite Crypto Signal Group

Again, we don’t recommend buying on signals – ever. However, it is interesting to see what traders are looking at and how they arrive at their decisions through technical analysis and more.
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If you don’t mind paying a little bit for some extra great advice, CoinMarketResearch is a great option. While they provide a free chat area to discuss, the real benefits of this group is the excellent research and analysis this team completes. In addition to paid signals, they provide fundamental analysis as well as ICO insights.
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Premium signals

Premium Signals is another big disagreement that offers discussion, free signals and also a paid subscription service for “advanced” traders. With regular updates and an engaged community, this disagreement will definitely help you improve your trading.
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This is a smaller disagreement group that talks about cryptocurrency news, scams, upcoming ICOs and more. It has multiple channels and a large community that are helpful for sharing ideas and discussing your trading.
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Altcoin Fantasy

Last but certainly not least, join our Altcoin Fantasy community and share your ideas. Our active community is here to help with any questions related to our fantasy cryptocurrency trading leagues, as well as discuss anything related to trading!
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The benefits of participating in some of these discord groups are that you will learn more about cryptocurrency trading and investing. The process of learning to trade is not easy and so we recommend that you try out your strategies in one of the Altcoin Fantasy crypto trading games. As you become more and more proficient, you will notice consistent results in your trading and you will know that it is time to try really trade.

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